This was run on very deep going and the course had snow on it. The time was 11 min and 5 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SALAMANDER Mr Goodman Mr Studd
2 CORTOLVIN J Page Lord Poulett
3 CREOLE G Waddington Mr Welfitt
4 LIGHTHEART E Jones Mr A W Clayton
also MERRIMAC Captain Tempest Captain Shaw
also THE DOCTOR G Stevens Mr Mytton
also FRANK Mr Lawrence Mr Cockburn
also L'AFRICAINE G Holman Mr W R H Powell
also EFFENBURG R Twiddy Count Furstenberg
also ALCIBIADE B Land Jr. Mr B J Angell
also HALL COURT W Reeves Captain Browne
also REPORTER R French Lord Poulett
also GLENCAVIN J Jewitt Mr J Stevenson
also THOMASTOWN Murphy Mr T N Naghten
also LAURA H Lamplugh Mr E Bourgnet
also IBEX C Boyce Mr Brayley
also STANTON Welsh Mr J Coupland
also G Reeves Mr T Parr
also MISTAKE Knott Baron von Grootven
also SIR WILLIAM Ellison Mr T Jones
also STELLA Jarvis Mr Spark
also PHILOSOPHER Wheeler Mr W Murray
also GAROTTER G Ryan Mr Oliver
also ACE OF HEARTS Mr Edwards Lord Poulett
also KING OF HEARTS A Sadler Mr W Robinson
also MILLTOWN Mr Thomas Mr W McGrane
also REAL JAM D Hughes Mr F Hughes
also CUTLER Thorpe Mr Barber
also WEST END W White Colonel Forester
also COLUMBIA W Reeves Mr R Hebert
7/1 Laura
8/1 Cortolvin
9/1 Alcibiade
12/1 Real Jam
100/7 L/Africaine
15/1 Creole
20/1 The Doctor
25/1 Ibex
25/1 Mistake
25/1 Merrimac
30/1 Hall Court
30/1 King of Hearts
40/1 Salamander
1000/15 Columbia
50/1 Bar

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