This was run on good going and the weather was clear. The time was 10 min and 42 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CORTOLVIN J Page Duke of Hamilton
2 FAN Thorpe Mr Barber
3 SHANGARRY Mr Thomas Mr Studd
4 GLOBULE G Holman Mr T V Morgan
also LIGHTHEART E Jones Mr A W Clayton
also REVOLVER Igoe Mr T Jackson
also SHAKSPERE Mr Goodman Mr Carew
also TENNYSON G Stevens Lord Coventry
also SILVER STAR G Waddington Mr S J Welfitt
also GENIEVRE Mr Edwards Lord Poulett
also ASTROLABE Cassidy Baron Finot
also HALL COURT Captain Brown Captain Brown
also BANKER T Abbott Mr J Dally
also THOMASTOWN Murphy Mr J Doyle
also MILLER Mr Lawrence Mr W Smith
also MARENGO Mr C Fermin Mr C Fermin
also LITTLE FRANK Knott Mr Vallender
also WHITEHALL Mr Milward Mr P Herbert
also PLINLIMMON J Holman Captain Parkinson
also SEA KING G Barry Mr E Brayley
also KING ARTHUR Captain Harford Captain Brabazon
also HAVELOCK Jarvis Mr J Wood
also LITTLE WIDEAWAKE J Rickaby Mr Schwartz
5/1 King Arthur
7/1 Shakspere
8/1 Fan
12/1 Sea King
100/8 Globule
100/7 Shangarry
100/6 Cortolvin
20/1 Astrolabe
20/1 Genievre
25/1 Silver Star
25/1 Thomastown
25/1 Little Frank
30/1 Little Wideawake
40/1 Whitehall
40/1 Lightheart
50/1 Hall Court
50/1 Tennyson

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