This was run on heavy going and the weather was cloudy and windy. It took place on 4th March.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE LAMB Mr Edwards Lord Poulett
2 PEARL DIVER Tomlinson Mr E Brayley
3 ALCIBIADE Colonel Knox Mr B J Angell
also ASTROLABE A French Mr E Bournet
also HELEN Mr Goodman Mr Barber
also HALL COURT B Land Captain J M Browne
also BUSZKE Count Szapary Count Carolyi
also CHIMNEY SWEEP J Adams Lord Coventry
also DAISY Mr Thomas Mr W R H Powell
also THE NUN Wheeler Mr E Green
also GARUS J Page Duke of Hamilton
also KINGSWOOD Gilroy Mr W Forbes
also HUNTSMAN'S DAUGHTER G Holman Mr T V Morgan
also THE PLOVER Mr R Walker Mr R Walker
also MOOSE W White Mr E Brayley
also FAN Thorpe Mr Barber
also MENTMORE Hyland Mr W Forbes
also CHARMING WOMAN Terratta Jnr Mr J Willing
also SLIEVE CARNE Mr Pritchard Mr G H Moore
also THALASSEUS Mr Crawshaw Lord Stamford
7/1 Chimney Sweep
8/1 Moose
9/1 Pearl Diver
10/1 The Lamb
10/1 Fan
10/1 Helen
11/1 Daisy
100/6 The Nun
100/6 Huntsman's Daughter
100/6 Alcibiade
25/1 Astrolabe
33/1 Garus
33/1 Captain Crosstree
40/1 Thalassius
40/1 Buszke
50/1 Slieve Carne
50/1 Hall Court

I am very grateful to John Pinfold for the picture shown below. I can recommend Gallant Sport and An Aintree Dynasty, both written by John Pinfold. To purchase a copy of either book go to the Amazon Grand National store shown below.