This was run on normal going and the weather was clear. It took place on 3rd March and the time was 11 minutes


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE COLONEL G Stevens Mr Weyman
2 HALL COURT Captain Tempest Captain Brown
3 GARDENER Ryan Captain Machell
4 ALCIBIADE Colonel Knox Mr B J Angell
also Q.C. Griffiths Mr Lynton
also DESPATCH Mr Edwards Mr Studd
also GLOBULE G Holman Mr T V Morgan
also THE ROBBER Mr P Merton Mr Doncaster
also HARCOURT Captain Harford Mr Eaton
also PEARL DIVER W Reeves Mr E Brayley
also THE NUN Mr Thomas Mr E Green
also FORTUNATUS J Page Mr E Brayley
also ORME W White Mr T Wadlow
also HAVELOCK Wheeler Mr J Wood
also BARBARIAN G Waddington Mr S J Welfitt
also HUNTSMAN'S DAUGHTER J Holman Mr T V Morgan
also FAN Thorpe Mr J Barber
also KNAVE OF TRUMPS Mr Martin Mr T Golby
also BISHOPSTON Potter Mr F G Hobson
also GUY OF WARWICK Mr Crawshaw Mr Dixon
also PLUM CAKE Mr Spofford Mr Yates
also DICK TURPIN J Knott Mr Foulkes
100/30 Fortunatus
5/1 Despatch
11/2 Fan
13/1 The Colonel
14/1 Pearl Diver
20/1 Alcibiade
20/1 Knave of Trumps
20/1 QC
25/1 The Nun
25/1 Globule
33/1 Havelock
40/1 Harcourt
40/1 Huntsman's Daughter
40/1 Dick Turpin
50/1 Orme
66/1 Hall Court
66/1 Gardener
100/1 Plum Cake
100/1 The Robber

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