This was run on very good going and the weather was clear. It took place on 9th March and the time was 10 minutes 10 secs


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE COLONEL G Stevens Mr M Evans
2 THE DOCTOR G Holman Mr V St John
3 PRIMROSE Mr W R Brockton Mr W R Brockton
4 SURVEY R L'Anson Mr J Nightingale
also KEYSTONE Mr R Walker Mr G Nelson
also GARDENER Ryan Captain Machell
also Q.C. Mr A Yates Mr May
also ALCIBIADE Captain Harford Mr R J Angell
also PEARL DIVER J Page Mr E Brayley
also MOOSE A French Mr E Brayley
also HALL COURT Mr Thomas Captain J M Browne
also TATHWELL G Waddington Mr S J Wellfitt
also SCARRINGTON R Wheeler Mr T Wilkinson
also MIDDLETON Mr T Kirk Mr Yardley
also PRETENTAINE II Mumford Mr R Hennessey
also GUY OF WARWICK Mr Edwards Mr E Weever
also THE ELK B Land Mr Rose
also CENNA Count Baron Finot
also CRISTAL Mr Crawshaw Duke of Hamilton
also TRAVELLER Napier Lord Eglinton
also CASSE TETE J Rudd Mr Brayley
also FAN H Taylor Mr Lawrence
also KARSLAKE Captain Tempest Captain Tempest
4/1 The Colonel
5/1 The Doctor
10/1 Primrose
100/7 Q.C.
100/6 Pearl Diver
100/6 Guy of Warwick
20/1 Survey
20/1 Tahwell
201/ Cristal
201/ Gardener
33/1 Alcibiade
33/1 Cenna
40/1 Hall Court
50/1 Karslake
66/1 Fan
66/1 The Elk
1000/5 Middleton
1000/5 Karslake
1000/5 Scarrington

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