This was run on perfect going and the weather was sunny. It took place on 21st March and the time was 9 minutes 35 3/4 secs


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE LAMB Mr Thomas Lord Poulett
2 DESPATCH G Waddington Mr Studd
3 SCARRINGTON Cranshaw Mr J Wilkinson
4 THE COLONEL G Stevens Baron C Oppenheim
also PEARL DIVER J Page Mr E Brayley
also TUSCULANUM Captain Smith Captain W H Cooper
also RUFUS Ryan Mr J F Montgomery
also SOUVENANCE Rickaby Duke of Hamilton
also THE DOCTOR Mr Crawshaw Duke of Hamilton
also SNOWSTORM Mr R Walker Mr J N Leighton
also PHILOSOPHER H Ellison Mr Gardener
also WILD FOX Murphy Captain Ainstie
also LORD RAGLAN Daniels Mr O Perry
also PURLBROOK Marsh Mr W Bingham
also MAGNUM BONUM Mr J M Richardson Captain Machell
also SCALTHEEN G Grey Lord Eglinton
also CASSE TETE J Rudd Mr E Brayley
also LADY GERALDINE Cunningham Captain Haworth
also CECIL R L'Anson Mr Etcher
also SCOTS GREY Welsh Major Browne
also St VALENTINE J Adams Lord Angelsey
also BOGUE HOMA Tomlinson Lord Angelsey
also ALCIBIADE Walters Mr B J Angell
also INON Captain Harford Captain Pigott
also DOG FOX J Potter Mr Mannington
4/1 Pearl Diver
5/1 The Lamb
8/1 The Colonel
10/1 The Doctor
10/1 Despatch
10/1 Cecil
25/1 Souvenance
25/1 Purlbrook
25/1 Dog Fox
40/1 Snowstorm
40/1 St Valentine
50/1 Tusculanum
50/1 Magnum Bonum
50/1 Bogue Homa
60/1 Scarrington
60/1 Lord Raglan
60/1 Lady Geraldine
60/1 Casse Tete
60/1 Inon
100/1 Philosopher
100/1 Alcibiade

I am very grateful to John Pinfold for the picture shown below. I can recommend Gallant Sport and An Aintree Dynasty, both written by John Pinfold. To purchase a copy of either book go to the Amazon Grand National store shown below.