This was run on very hard going and the weather was clear. It took place on 21st March and the time was 10 minutes 14 1/2 secs


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CASSE TETE J Page Mr E Brayley
2 SCARRINGTON R L'Anson Mr T Wilkinson
3 DESPATCH G Waddington Mr Studd
4 THE LAMB Mr Thomas Baron C Oppenheim
also FLEURISTE Rickaby Duke of Hamilton
also MASTER MOWBRAY G Holman Mr J Goodliffe
also OURAGAN A Holman Mr P Merton
also SCOTS GREY Mr G Moore Major Browne
also SCALTHEEN J Murphy Lord Eglinton
also HARVESTER Mr A Yates Mr A Yates
also MARIN Cassidy Baron Finot
also PRIMROSE Mr W R Brockton Mr W R Brockton
also SNOWSTORM Thorpe Mr Chaplin
also SCHIEDAM Mr J M Richardson Lord Eglinton
also RUFUS Patter Captain Montgomery
also NUAGE Harding Mr Doncaster
also RHYSHWORTH Boxall Mr Chaplin
also FRANC LURON J Cannon Lord Aylesford
also CINDERELLA J Adams Lord Angelesy
also ACTON J Rudd Mr Finchley
also PHILOSOPHER Gray Mr W Murray
also ROYAL IRISH FUSILIER T Andrews Baron Oppenheim
also SAUCEBOX Whiteley Mr H Ellison
also DERBY DAY Marsh Lord Conyngham
also HALL COURT Mr Brown Captain Browne
4/1 Despatch
100/15 Nuage
100/15 Cinderella
10/1 Schiedam
100/8 The Lamb
100/6 Primrose
100/6 Franc Luron
20/1 Casse Tete
25/1 Harvester
25/1 Marin
25/1 Rufus
25/1 Master Mowbray
33/1 Scots Grey
40/1 Fleuriste
50/1 Acton
50/1 Snowstorm
50/1 Derby Day
66/1 Saucebox
100/1 Royal Irish Fusilier
100/1 Philosopher
100/1 Hall Court