This was run on good going and the weather was perfect. It took place on 27th March but the time was not taken.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DISTURBANCE Mr J M Richardson Captain Machell
2 RHYSHWORTH Boxall Mr H Chaplin
3 COLUMBINE Harding Mr W H P Jenkins
4 MASTER MOWBRAY G Holman Mr J Goodliffe
also ALICE LEE Waddington Mr Studd
also STAR AND GARTER Captain Smith Mr Vyner
also REVIRESCAT Mr W H Johnstone Mr J H Maxwell
also FOOTMAN R Marsh Mr Moreton
also RED NOB Mr J Goodwin Mr Sankey
also CASSE TETE J Page Mr E Brayley
also CURRAGH RANGER Ryan Captain F J Montgomery
also ACTON R L'Anson Mr Jones
also LINGERER Mr Mumford Mr W Burton
also REUGNY J Cannon Lord Aylesford
also TRUE BLUE Marquis of Queensberry Marquis of Queensberry
also LOUSTIC Mr Bembridge Colonel Byrne
also CINDERELLA J Adams Lord Angelsey
also ISMAEL Daniels Mr W Wilson
also CRAWLER Mr A Yates Mr Lynton
also CONGRESS Mr E P Wilson Mr H Wilson
also CECIL Wyatt Mr Etches
also CHARLIE Gregory Mr Horwood
also SOLICITOR Mr G Dalglish Mr G Dalglish
also HUNTSMAN Mr H Ellison Mr H Ellison
also NEW YORK W Reeves Lord Stamford
also BROADLEA Mr Thomas Lord Poulett
also SARCHEDON Pope Mr W H Powell
also RICHARD I Captain McAlmont Captain McAlmont
100/15 Footman
8/1 Rhyshworth
100/12 Cinderella
10/1 Casse Tete
10/1 Cecil
12/1 Master Mowbray
12/1 Broadlea
14/1 Alice Lee
20/1 Disturbance
25/1 Curragh Ranger
25/1 Sarchedon
30/1 Acton
33/1 Loustic
33/1 Red Nob
33/1 Reuguy
40/1 Richard I

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