This was run on average going and the weather was clear. It took place on 26th March and the time was 10 mins 4 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 REUGNY Mr J M Richardson Captain Machell
2 CHIMNEY SWEEP J Jones Lord M Beresford
3 MERLIN J Adams Captain Thorold
4 DEFENCE Mr Rolly Captain Machell
also MASTER MOWBRAY A Holman Mr J Goodliffe
also DISTURBANCE J Cannon Captain Machell
also COLUMBINE Harding Mr W H P Jenkins
also OURAGAN II Mr G Mulcaster Mr J Fearon
also FURLEY Mr A Yates Mr H Baltazzi
also EUROTAS Mr Thomas Mr Chaston
also CONGRESS Mr E P Wilson Mr M Wilson
also CASSE TETE H Day Mr  Brayley
also DEWICKE R L'Anson Lord M Beresford
also DAYBREAK Holt Mr H Houldsworth
also FANTOME J Page Duke of Hamilton
also HERAUT D'ARMES Captain Smith Mr W Forbes
also DAINTY Mr Hathaway Mr S Davies
also VINTNER Mr Crawshaw Sir R R Harvey
also LAST OF THE LAMBS Mr Dalglish Mr H Houldsworth
also BRETBY W Daniels Mr J B Angell
also LORD COLNEY Richards Captain Boynston
also PALADEN J Rigg Mr Rising
5/1 Reugny
100/15 Casse Tete
7/1 Vintner
12/1 Columbine
12/1 Furley
14/1 Eurotas
16/1 Congress
20/1 Fantome
25/1 Defence
25/1 Dewicke
40/1 Last of the Lambs
40/1 Merlin
50/1 Master Mowbray
50/1 Ouragan II
66/1 Dainty

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