This was run on very deep going and the weather was clear. It took place on 18th March and the time was 10 mins 22 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 PATHFINDER Mr Thomas Mr H Bird
2 DAINTY Mr Hathaway Mr S Davis
3 LA VENIE J Page Baron Finot
4 JACKAL R Marsh Mr H Baltazzi
also MARMORA Jones Captain R Thorold
also VICTOIRE Mr Barnes Mr Beacher
also SPARROW Gregory Mr Percival
also CONGRESS Mr E P Wilson Mr Gomm
also FURLEY Mr J Goodwin Mr H Baltazzi
also CLONAVE Gavin Sir W Nugent
also DUC DU BEAUFORT Captain Smith Mr Vyner
also LABURNUM Jewitt Captain Machell
also MISS HUNGERFORD Mr Rolly Mr F Bennett
also ST AUBYN J Pickett Mr C A Egerton
also SAILOR Fleming Captain S Gubbins
also MESSAGER Whiteley Mr Percival
also BAR ONE Mr L Nicholson Mr L Nicholson
also FLEURISTE R L'Anson Mr Granger
also NEW YORK Mr Dalglish Mr E Platt
6/1 Jackal
6/1 La Venie
7/1 Congress
9/1 Clonave
100/8 Duc Du Beaufort
100/8 Marmora
100/8 Sailor
100/7 Sparrow
100/6 Pathfinder
20/1 Laburnum
20/1 Miss Hungerford
25/1 Dainty
33/1 Fleuriste
33/1 Messager
40/1 St Aubyn