This was run on average going and the weather was clear. It took place on 28th March and the time was 10 mins 12 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE LIBERATOR Mr G Moore Mr G Moore
2 JACKAL J Jones Lord M Beresford
3 MARTHA Mr Beasley Captain Crofton
4 WILD MONARCH Andrews Marquis de Sauveur
also BOB RIDLEY Mr E P Wilson Mr T D'Arcy Hoey
also REGAL Jewitt Captain Machell
also ROSSANMORE Toole Mr J Connolly
also LORD MARCUS Mr W Beasley Mr P M V Saurin
also TURCO Mr H Beasley Mr R Stackpoole
also BRIGAND Count Metternich Count Festetic Jnr
also QUEEN OF KILDARE J Doucie Mr P Doucie
also BACCHUS J Cannon Mr Dunlop
also HIS LORDSHIP Levitt Mr Russell
also MARSHALL NIEL Gavin Sir J L Kaye
also VICTOR II Mr J Beasley Mr Denny
also BELLRINGER Mr A Coventry Mr Vyner
also THE BEAR R Marsh Duke of Hamilton
also CONCHA Mr W B Morris Sir T Hesketh
5/2 Regal
5/1 The Liberator
10/1 Bacchus
10/1 The Bear
100/8 Victor II
100/8 Marshall Niel
100/6 Turco
100/6 Bellringer
1000/65 Jackal
20/1 Wild Monarch
40/1 Queen of Kildare
50/1 Martha
50/1 Concha
50/1 Brigand
50/1 Rossanmore

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