This was run on very bad going and it rained and snowed. It took place on 25th March and the time was 11 mins 50 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WOODBROOK Mr T Beasley Captain Kirkwood
2 REGAL Jewitt Captain Machell
3 THORNFIELD R Marsh Mr Leopold de Rothschild
4 NEW GLASGOW Captain Smith Mr A Peel
also THE SCOT F Webb Captain Machell
also ABBOT OF ST MARY'S J Adams Sir George Chetwynd
also CROSS QUESTION J Jones Mr R Carrington
also MONTAUBAN Mr A Coventry Mr T G Baird-Hay
also THE LIBERATOR Mr G Moore Mr G Moore
also FAIR WIND Mr H Beasley Captain Ducrot
also LITTLE PRINCE S Canavan Mr C G Way
also FABIUS Hunt Mr Vyner
also BURIDAN Childs Mr A Yates
11/2 Thornfield
6/1 Woodbrook
100/15 The Liberator
100/15 Cross Question
8/1 Abbot of St Mary's
11/1 Regal
11/1 New Glasgow
100/7 Montauban
100/7 Fair Wind
25/1 The Scot
25/1 Fabius
40/1 Little Prince

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