This was run on heavy going and the weather was thick with mist. It took place on 28th March and the time was 10 mins 5 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 VOLUPUARY Mr E P Wilson Mr F H Boyd
2 FRIGATE Mr H Beasley Mr A Maher
3 ROQUEFORT J Childs Captain Fisher
4 ZOEDONE Count Kinsky Count Kinsky
also CYRUS J Jewitt Mr J B Leigh
also BLACK PRINCE Mr T Widger Mr P George
also ZITELLA Mr T Beasley Mr J Gubbins
also REGAL W Hunt Captain Machell
also THE SCOT J Jones HRH The Prince of Wales
also ALBERT CECIL Mr R Sheriffe Mr R Sheriffe
also IDEA Mr W H Moore Mr Oehlschlaeger
also SATELLITE Mr J Beasley Mr E W Tritton
also TOM JONES Captain Lee-Barber Sir W Eden
also CORTOLVIN Captain Smith Lord Rossmore
also TERRIER Mr D Thirlwell Duke of Hamilton
6/1 The Scot
8/1 Satellite
100/12 Cortolvin
9/1 Roquefort
9/1 Cyrus
10/1 Frigate
10/1 Voluptuary
100/7 Zoedone
100/7 Zitella
100/6 Idea
20/1 Regal
25/1 Tom Jones
33/1 Terrier
50/1 Bar

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The rare handbill shown below is provided courtesy of the Robert Shaw collection.