This was run on good going and the weather was clear. It took place on 27th March and the time was 10 mins 10 secs. Tom Skelton (Tom Tagg ) was riding in his first Grand National and finished third).


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I am very grateful to John Davis who, incredibly, found an extract from a newspaper of the day detailing the events of the Grand National.

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ROQUEFORT Mr E P Wilson Mr A Cooper
2 FRIGATE Mr H Beasley Mr A Maher
3 BLACK PRINCE T Skelton Captain Machell
4 REDPATH Mr A Coventry Mr Zigomala
also AXMINSTER Sayers Mr J Rutherford
also ALBERT CECIL J Childs Mr R Sheriffe
also DOG FOX Captain Lee-Barber Mr C Ascher
also LIONESS Mr G Lambton Mr Hungerford
also RED HUSSAR Captain Armitage Captain Armitage
also ZOEDONE Count Ch Kinsky Count Ch Kinsky
also KILWORTH Captain E R Owen Captain E R Owen
also CANDAHAR W Hunt Mr H B Craig
also JOLLY SIR JOHN W Nightingall Mr Dane
also BELMONT W D Canavan Mr James Daly
also LANG SYNE T Hall Mr H de Windt
also BEN MORE Mr W H Moore Mr H T Barclay
also HARLEQUIN D Sensier Duke of Hamilton
also GAMECOCK W E Stephens Mr E Jay
also DOWNPATRICK Captain W B Morris Colonel J Lloyd
100/30 Roquefort
5/1 Zoedone
7/1 Frigate
10/1 Kilworth
100/8 Ben More
100/6 Belmont
20/1 Redpath
20/1 Downpatrick
20/1 Albert Cecil
25/1 Candahar
25/1 Dog Fox
25/1 Axminster
33/1 Black Prince
50/1 Red Hussar
50/1 Harlequin
50/1 Jolly Sir John
50/1 Gamecock

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