This was run on average going and the weather was clear. It took place on 28th March 1890 and the time was 10 mins 41 4/5 secs

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ILEX A Nightingale Mr G Mastertman
2 PAU Halsey Mr E Woodland
3 M P Mr W H Moore Mr J Rutherford
4 BRUNSWICK Mawson Mr Lancashire
also WHY NOT Mr C J Cunningham Mr D J Jardine
also EMPEROR Mr D Thirlwell Captain Machell
also FRIGATE Mr T Beasley Mr M A Maher
also GAMECOCK Dollery Mr Swan
also BLOOD ROYAL Mr Wildman Mr W Fulton
also BELLONA H Barker Mr Abington
also VOLUPTUARY T Skelton Mr H F Boyd
also BRACEBOROUGH Mr F E Lawrence Mr F E Lawrence
also FETICHE V Baker Mr M Euphrussi
also HETTIE Mr E P Wilson H R H The Prince of Wales
also BACCY Mr W Woodland Mr R Woodland
also FIREBALL D Comer Mr H Holmes
4/1 Ilex
11/2 Bellona
8/1 M P
100/9 Why Not
10/1 Voluptuary
100/8 Battle Royal
100/7 Frigate
100/6 Emperor
20/1 Gamecock
25/1 Fetiche
25/1 Hettie
100/1 Baccy
100/1 Brunswick
100/1 Braceborough
100/1 Fireball
100/1 Pau

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I am very grateful to John Davis for providing this Oh so rare scan of the newspaper of the day giving a detailed report of the famous race.