This was run on very good going and the weather was clear. It took place on 20th March and the time was 9 mins 58 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 COME AWAY Mr H Beasley Mr W G Jameson
2 CLOISTER Captain E R Owen Lord Dudley
3 ILEX A Nightingale Mr G Mastertman
4 ROQUEFORT Guy Mr A Yates
also CRUISER Mr T Beasley Major Bunbury
also GAMECOCK Dollery Mr Swan
also WHY NOT Mr E Cunningham Mr C Perkins
also ROMAN OAK Escott Mr Leetham
also VOLUPTUARY Mr E P Wilson Mr H F Boyd
also EMPEROR W Nightingale Captain Machell
also CHOUFLEUR T Kavanagh Lord Zetland
also VEIL Mr W H Moore Sir James Miller
also DOMINION Thornton Mr W H Russell
also GRAPE VINE J Hoysted Mr G H Archer
also JEANIE H Barker Mr Abington
also BRUNSWICK Mawson Mr H W Lancashire
also FLOWER OF THE FOREST P Clark Mr Charter
also YOUNG GLASGOW R Mitchell Mr W Gordon Canning
also FIREBALL Halsey Mr H Holmes
also ADELAIDE Mr Ripley Mr E H Wolton
also NASR ED DIN H Brown Mr F Gallane
4/1 Come Away
5/1 Ilex
7/1 Cruiser
9/1 Grape Vine
100/9 Roman Oak
100/9 Why Not
20/1 Cloister
25/1 Choufleur
25/1 Veil
25/1 Emperor
40/1 Young Glasgow
40/1 Roquefort
40/1 Brunswick
50/1 Flower of the Forest
50/1 Nasr ed Din
66/1 Voluptuary
66/1 Dominion
66/1 Jeanie
66/1 Gamecock
100/1 Fireball
200/1 Adelaide

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