This was run on good going and in thick fog. It took place on 25th March and the time was 9 mins 48 1/5 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 FATHER O'FLYNN Captain E R Owen Mr C G Wilson
2 CLOISTER Mr J C Dormer Mr C Duff
3 ILEX A Nightingale Mr G Masterman
4 ARDCARN T Kavanagh Major Kirkwood
also FLYING COLUMN Mr W Beasley Captain Peel
also HOLLINGTON G Williamson Captain A E Whitaker
also CRUISER Mr W P Cullen Captain J Byron
also RELIANCE Mr J C Cheney Mr W Whitehead
also ULYSSES Mr G B Milne Lord E Talbot
also FAUST Mr Lushington General Beresford
also BAGMAN Mr F H Hassall Captain R W Ethelstone
also THE MIDSHIPMITE Mr Atkinson Mr H Powell
also TENBY C Gregor Mr M A Singer
also PARTISAN Barker Sir H de Trafford
also LORD OF THE GLEN Mr C W Waller Mr C Waller
also THE PRIMATE Captain Bewicke Mr J Bald
also MELDRUM Lathom Mr B Goodall
also JASON G Mawson Mr Abington
also PAUL PRY T Adams Mr F E Lawrence
also LORD ARTHUR Captain Lee-Barber Mr H T Barclay
also NAP Mr H Woodland Mr E Woodland
also SOUTHAM Dollery Mr F Swan
also ROLLESBY H Brown Mr P Vincent-Turner
also BILLEE TAYLOR Mr H Beasley Major Kearsley
also BRUNSWICK Mr Levenston Mr H W Lancashire
11/2 Cloister
100/14 The Primate
10/1 Ardcarn
100/9 Hollington
100/8 Jason
100/7 Tenby
20/1 Ilex
20/1 Father O'Flynn
25/1 Billee Taylor
25/1 Lord Arthur
25/1 The Midshipmite
25/1 Cruiser
33/1 Lord of the Glen
40/1 Partisan
50/1 Ulysses
50/1 Southam
50/1 Flying Column
50/1 Rollesby
100/1 Brunswick
100/1 Faust
100/1 Meldrum
200/1 Reliance
200/1 Nap
200/1 Bagman
200/1 Paul Pry

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