This was run on very hard going and the weather was sunny and hot. It took place on 24th March and the time was 9 mins 32 2/5 secs. The winner was trained by Swatton.


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 I am extremely grateful to Mick Mutlow for the details shown below. He has established the most detailed Grand National database anywhere in the World.
Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CLOISTER W.Dollery Mr C G Duff
2 AESOP Arthur Barker Captain Michael Hughes
3 WHY NOT A Nightingall Mr C H Fenwick
4 TIT FOR TAT G Williamson Captain A.G.Lucas
also THE MIDSHIPMITE W.Sensier Mr H L Powell
also FATHER O'FLYNN Mr G B Milne Mr G C Wilson
also ROMAN OAK Mr W P Cullen Sir H de Trafford
also FAUST Captain J.W.Yardley General Beresford
also FIELD MARSHALL Captain E.Crawley Mr Eustace Loder
also THE PRIMATE Captain P.W. Bewicke Mr F Bald
also LADY HELEN R Nightingall Captain Dundas
also CHOUFLEUR T.Kavanagh Mr T Tonybee
also JOAN OF ARC G Morris Captain H T Fenwick
also GOLDEN GATE G Mawson Captain E W Baird
also GOLDEN LINK N Behan Mr J Dowling
9/2 Cloister
5/1 Why Not
100/15 The Midshipmite
100/12 Aesop
100/9 Father O'Flynn
100/7 The Primate
25/1 Tit For Tat
28/1 Field Marshall
33/1 Golden Gate
33/1 Faust
40/1 Roman Oak
50/1 Lady Helen
50/1 Joan of Arc
100/1 Choufleur
100/1 Golden Link
I am extremely grateful to John Pinfold for the scan of his most treasured racecard shown below.
The results card shown below is not an original, although it does contain the actual owners colours worn by the jockeys.

I am very grateful to John Pinfold for the picture shown below. I can recommend Gallant Sport and An Aintree Dynasty, both written by John Pinfold. To purchase a copy of either book go to the Amazon Grand National store shown below.