This was run on good going and the weather was cloudy. It took place on 26th March and the time was 9 mins 49 secs. The winner was trained by Mr Auliffe.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MANIFESTO T Kavanagh Mr H M Dyas
2 FILBERT Mr C Beatty Mr G R Powell
3 FORD OF FYNE Mr Withington Major J A Orr-Ewing
4 PRINCE ALBERT Mr G S Davies Mr J S Forbes
also LOTUS LILY Mr A W Wood Captain R W Ethelston
also TIMON Tervit Mr R W Brown
also FAIRY QUEEN Mr E H Lord Mr G S Davies
also SEAPORT II C James Mr H White
also NELLY GRAY G Morris Major J A Orr-Ewing
also ARGONAUT R Woodland Mr J A Miller
also WESTMEATH W Taylor Mr F D Leyland
also CLAWSON Mr W Bissill Mr Jolland
also NORTON J Hickey Mr Spencer Gollan
also DAIMIO H Escott Mr C Gibson
also CATHAL Mr R Ward Mr Reginald Ward
also WILD MAN FROM BORNEO Mr T J Widger Miss Norris
also THE SOARER Mr D G M Campbell Mr W H Walker
also BALLYOHARA Denby Lord Shrewsbury
also GOLDEN CROSS G Wilson Mr E P Wilson
also BARCALWHEY C Hogan Captain A E Whitaker
also RED CROSS H Taylor Count Zech
also THE CONTINENTAL H Brown Mr A H Hudson
also CHEVY CHASE Anthony Mr F F McCabe
also GREENHILL E Matthews Mr C D Rose
also MEDIATOR Grosvenor Lord Coventry
also LITTLE JOE Bland Mr R T Bell
also GOLDFISH T Fitton Mr E C Smith
also GAUNTLET Captain W H Johnstone Mr F D Leyland
6/1 Manifesto    
7/1 Cathal    
9/1 Wild Man From Borneo    
10/1 Norton    
100/6 The Soarer    
20/1 Nelly Gray    
20/1 Timon    
25/1 Ford of Fyne    
25/1 Greenhill    
25/1 Prince Albert    
25/1 Barcalwhey    
28/1 Chevy Chase    
33/1 Argonaut    
33/1 Clawson    
33/1 Golden Cross    
40/1 Daimio    
50/1 Fairy Queen    
50/1 Seaport II    
66/1 Gauntlet    
66/1 Goldfish    
100/1 Filbert    
100/1 Westmeath    
100/1 Ballyohara    
100/1 Red Cross    
100/1 The Continental    
100/1 Mediator    
100/1 Little Joe    
100/1 Lotus Lily    
  Over Round 108%    
John Pinfold comments that a racecard he most covets is from 1897 or 1899 as he is a great fan of Manifesto and his jockey George Williamson (still the only man to have ridden the winner of both the Grand National and the Velka Pardubicka). He further comments that one can see Manifesto's skeleton at the University of Liverpool's Victoria Museum.
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140 former courses

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