This was run on very heavy going and there was a blindingly heavy snowstorm. It took place on 25th March and the time was 9 mins 43 3/5 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DROGHEDA T Kavanagh Mr H M Dyas
2 CATHAL Mr C Beatty Mr G R Powell
3 GAUNTLET Mr Withington Major J A Orr-Ewing
4 FILBERT Mr G S Davies Mr J S Forbes
also DEAD LEVEL Mr A W Wood Captain R W Ethelston
also FORD OF FYNE Tervit Mr R W Brown
also GRUDON Mr E H Lord Mr G S Davies
also BARSAC C James Mr H White
also PRINCE ALBERT G Morris Major J A Orr-Ewing
also GREENHILL R Woodland Mr J A Miller
also THE SOARER W Taylor Mr F D Leyland
also NEPCOTE Mr W Bissill Mr Jolland
also SWANSHOT J Hickey Mr Spencer Gollan
also BARCALWHEY H Escott Mr C Gibson
also ATHELFRITH Mr R Ward Mr Reginald Ward
also SURPLICE Mr T J Widger Miss Norris
also KINGSWORTHY Mr D G M Campbell Mr W H Walker
also SHERIFF HUTTON Denby Lord Shrewsbury
also CRUISKEEN II G Wilson Mr E P Wilson
also ST GEORGE C Hogan Captain A E Whitaker
also HOBNOB H Taylor Count Zech
also ELECTRIC SPARK H Brown Mr A H Hudson
also HALL IN E Matthews Mr C D Rose
11/2 Ford of Fyne
7/1 Cathal
8/1 Prince Albert
100/12 Gauntlet
100/7 The Soarer
100/7 Barcalwhey
20/1 Kingsworthy
25/1 Drogheda
25/1 Dead Level
25/1 Filbert
25/1 Barsac
25/1 Grudon
25/1 Nepcote
28/1 Little Joe
40/1 Hob Nob
40/1 St George
50/1 Sheriff Hutton
100/1 Swanshot
100/1 Greenhill
100/1 Cruiskeen II
100/1 Surplice
100/1 Hall In
100/1 Electric Spark
100/1 Athelfrith
100/1 Cushalu Mavoureen
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