This was run in 1937 and 33 ran. The winning time was 9 minutes 59 3/5secs. 


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Grand National. The link below is a 6 minute 39 seconds clip of the Grand National.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ROYAL MAIL E.Williams Mr H.Lloyd-Thomas
2 COOLEEN J.Fawcus Mr James V.Rank
3 PUCKA BELLE Mr E Bailey Mr E.W.W.Bailey
4 EGO Mr H Llewellyn Sir David Llewellyn


D.Morgan Miss Dorothy Paget
Also WHAT HAVE YOU Mr C.Streett Mr F.M.Gould
Also READY CASH T.F.Carey Mr V.H.Smith
Also DELANEIGE J.Hamey Mr J.B.Snow
Also DAWMAR Mr J.Richardson Mr W.S.Murphy
Also DIDORIO H.Nicholson Mr R.Lehman
Also TAPINOIS F.Maxwell Mr W.Hutchinson
Also BUCKTHORN K.Piggott Captain C.M.L.Clements
Also DELACHANCE T.Rimell Mr J.B.Snow
Also DON BRADMAN Mr A.Marsh Mr S.Wilkinson
Also KEEN BLADE Mr E.Paget Lord Rosebery
Also CROWN PRINCE Mr R.Strutt Mr R.Strutt
Also SUNSPOT II R.Everett Mrs M.Burke
Also EMANCIPATOR Mr P.Cazalet Mr P.V.F.Cazalet
Also MISDEMEANOUR II S.Magee Sir P.G.Lawson
Also PENCRAIK G.Archibald Mr A.Pilkington
Also FLYING MINUTES B.Hobbs Mrs F.A.Clark
Also KILTOI Captain R.Harding Mr J.Metcalf
Also MILK PUNCH C.Wilson Mr G.S.L.Whitelaw
Also DRYBURGH B.Carter Mr R.B.Vick
Also DRIM Mr M.Tighe Mr B.K.Tighe
Also IRVINE Mr A.Parker Mr A.P.Parker
Also BLAZE W.Parvin Sir Ernest Wills
Also UNCLE BATT D.McCarthy Mr H.B.Brandt
Also FIELD MASTER Mr Densham Mr L.Densham
Also SUGAR LOAF E.J.Carr Mrs H.H.Stubbs
Also TRUE BLUE Mr Cohen Mr P.R.Eliot-Cohen
Also SPIONAUD E.C.Brown Mr D.A.Jackson
Also PASSING FANCY D.Holland Lord Berner
I am grateful to John Pinfold for the scan of the rare racecard shown below.