Glorious Goodwood Challenge

On each of the 5 days of the Glorious Goodwood meeting, from Tuesday 28th July 2020 to Saturday 1st August 2020, participants are invited to select one horse in each of the 7 races, stating whether they wish each of their selections to be Win or Each-way. Each person can have up to 3 separate accounts, and the person achieving the most points at the conclusion of the meeting will win a case of their chosen 'poison'.

TUESDAY 28th July 2020
Member               Pts.
Fran Hensby                
Chris Hensby                
Nigel Jones1                
Nigel Jones2                
Nigel Jones3                
Dilys Jones1                
Dilys Jones2                
Dilys Jones3                
Jakes Sakin                
Linda Sakin                
Bryan Bird                
Heidi Thomas1                
Heidi Thomas2                
Heidi Thomas3                
Eamonn O'Brien1                
Eamonn O'Brien2                
Eamonn O'Brien3                
Kate O'Brien1                
Kate O'Brien2                
Kate O'Brien3                
Jeremy Reynolds                
Ruth Reynolds                
Matthew Reynolds                
Caroline Sanderson                
John Slusar1                
John Slusar2                
John Slusar3