Weekly Challenge

Horse Racing Competition
During the enforced self-isolation period many people will be missing their weekend horse racing entertainment and yearning for it to return as swiftly as possible. We know that this year’s Grand National has been lost to Coronavirus, while the odds on Royal Ascot going ahead lengthen by the day, but many will be aware that Ireland initially allowed one meeting a day to take place ‘behind closed doors’, and ITV agreed to show races from that meeting each Saturday. On 25th March 2020 Ireland finally decided to abandon their policy of holding a race meeting daily until 19th April 2020 at the earliest. To relieve the boredom of self-isolation and provide a fix for your horse racing habit, I am proposing to continue to operate a free competition every third day for interested parties until racing resumes. Furthermore, I know that many of you enjoy visiting racing stables on tours organised by Racing Clubs, or annual Open Days at Newmarket, Lambourn, Middleham and Malton. In order to wet your appetite for when such tours begin again, I will be providing a comprehensive history of a racing stable each time I run a quiz. You will see your quiz scores increase over time, because I will be providing 'hints' to those participants who struggle to score highly in early rounds.
Starting on Friday 27th March 2020, and continuing every third day, from 8am to 9pm I will put a simple 20 question horse racing quiz on the website which will enable participants to be awarded points. Participants can email me their answers by 9pm on each quiz day. The points you accumulate will be ready for you to gamble on races as soon as horse racing resumes.
Whilst I am not offering a monetary prize, there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal board each quiz, as well as a wooden spoon.
If you would like to take part in this weekly competition, which will run throughout the period of self-isolation, then email me so that I can send you a link to the next Quiz.

This competition is open to all site visitors, so if you would like to take part then email

Week Quiz Racing
1. Friday 27th March 2020 Racing Quiz 1 Canterbury Street races
2. Monday 30th March 2020 Racing Quiz 2 Canterbury Street races
3. Thursday 2nd April 2020 Racing Quiz 3 Canterbury Street races
4. Sunday 5th April 2020 Racing Quiz 4 Canterbury Street races
5. Wednesday 8th April 2020 Racing Quiz 5 Canterbury Street races
6. Saturday 11th April 2020 Racing Quiz 6 Canterbury Street races
7. Tuesday 14th April 2020 Racing Quiz 7 Canterbury Street races
8. Friday 17th April 2020 Racing Quiz 8 Canterbury Street races
9. Monday 20th April 2020 Racing Quiz 9 Canterbury Street races
10. Thursday 23rd April 2020 Racing Quiz 10 Canterbury Street races
11. Sunday 26th April 2020 Racing Quiz 11 Canterbury Street races
12. Wednesday 29th April 2020 Racing Quiz 12 Canterbury Street races
13. Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd May 2020 Racing Quiz 13
14. Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th May 2020 Racing Quiz 14
15. Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2020 Racing Quiz 15
16. Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May 2020 Racing Quiz 16
17. Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May 2020 Racing Quiz 17


Honours Board
Quiz b c a d
1 Nigel Jones Eamonn O'Brien Jakes/Linda Sakin Bryan Bird
2 Richard Huckle & Jakes/Linda Kate & Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans
3 Kate & Eamonn O'Brien Jakes/Linda Caroline Sanderson
4 Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Jeremy Reynolds Ron Evans
5 Heidi Thomas Nigel Jones Jakes/Linda Sakin Ron Evans
6 Nigel Jones Kate & Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans
7 Heidi Thomas Jakes/Linda Sakin Eamonn O'Brien Roland Tingey
8 Kate & Eamonn O'Brien Jeremy Reynolds Jakes/Linda Sakin, Ian Mailer
9 Kate O'Brien Nigel Jones Eamonn O'Brien Peter Ison
10 Nigel Jones Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Ian Mailer
11 Nigel Jones Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Ian Mailer
12 Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Jeremy Reynolds Ian Mailer
13 Kate O'Brien (1173) Nigel Jones (1163) Eamonn O'Brien (1073) Ron Evans (325)
14 Nigel Jones Kate O'Brien and Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans
15 Jeremy Reynolds Nigel Jones Kate & Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans
16 Nigel Jones Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans
17 Nigel Jones Kate O'Brien Eamonn O'Brien Ron Evans