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The independent track at Gretna is based at Halcrow with reference 3° 4' W 54° 59' N. It opened for business in 1986 and is a well run family track, run by James Norman. The original track in Gretna was around the perimeter of the local Football Club at Raydale Park, but that closed in 1985.  It was in 1986 that the Halcrow track opened for business.

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The track has a circumference of 380 metres and runs sprints over 300 metres, standard races over 490 metres and distance races over 685 metres. Traditional race days are Fridays.
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I am grateful to Jon Seddon for the following link to a map showing the whereabouts of the old track

This section gives a comprehensive picture of the badges produced by the track throughout the ages, but only provides the briefest of glimpses of its history. For those wishing to undertake further research we can recommend a visit to

http://astore.amazon.co.uk/wwwgreyhoundd-21 where further reading can be undertaken.

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