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London was blessed with a large number of greyhound tracks, notably Hendon, Hackney and Harringay, but it is sad to write that they have now all passed away.The popular London greyhound track at Hendon was situated at 0° 13' W 51° 34' N and first opened for racing on 5th March 1935. Initially it was an independent flapping track, but on 13th January 1938 it applied to race under NGRC rules. Hendon Greyhound Stadium was situated on the North Circular road in North London, its 1935 opening making it one of the later ones in the area. It operated under the NGRC umbrella and was used for BAGS racing.

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The track ran successfully for 37 years until closing on 28th May 1972.

 I am grateful to Jess Leow for the rare artefacts shown below.

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Track Records, as of 1947, are shown below together with an indication of how fast the time is in comparison to other tracks, both for currently open and defunct tracks, in the UK. Ratings are between 0 and 100, where 100 is an extremely fast time and reflects the speed of the track, tightness of the circuit and quality of greyhound visiting the tracks. I am grateful to Tony Nash for providing the data.
SPRINTS (up to 385m) STANDARD (386-549m) DISTANCE (550-699m) EXTENDED (700-999m)
Hendon Track Records at a snapshot in time:-
STANDARD 475 yards Eiranns Delight 27.83 secs Rating 3
DISTANCE 650 yards Ramblers Destiny 39.16 secs Rating 3 23rd August 1947

I am grateful to Jon Seddon for the following link to a map showing the whereabouts of the old track

This section gives a comprehensive picture of the badges produced by the track throughout the ages, but only provides the briefest of glimpses of its history. For those wishing to undertake further research we can recommend a visit to

http://astore.amazon.co.uk/wwwgreyhoundd-21 where further reading can be undertaken.

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