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Records show that racing has taken place in this area since 1968 when the Nizams gambled and raced. The site was known to be at Maula Ali Racecourse,the races were known as Deccan Races and it was predominantly the English who contested the events.
HYD3.JPG (79088 bytes) It was some 18 years later, in 1886, that records show that racing had moved to Malakpet on the land owned by the ruler of the region, H.H.Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan who, for mainly selfish reasons wanted the racing to be close to his palace. At this time the course was run by the Royal Calcutta Turf Club and they later developed a racecourse at Secunderabad. HYD4.JPG (78881 bytes)
A pivotal moment in Indian racecourse history was the formation of the South India Turf Club in 1956 and Secunderabad became one of three Clubs to join forces. This encouraged everyone to plan the development of a new venue on land sold by Nizam.
HYD5.JPG (78742 bytes) It was in 1968 that Hyderabad Race Club were able to open the present day Malakpet Racecourse, although it was to be a further 9 years before the club became independent of the South India Turf Club.

A feature, Indian Classic race at the track is the Invitation Cup.

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