The New Jiangwan City is in the Yangpu District of northeast Shanghai and once had its own racecourse. It was originally built by the British the enthusiastic horsey settlers and was opulent and very spacious. It even contained its own golf course. The racecourse was situated next to, what was then a fashionable village of Kiangwan, and competed with the Shanghai Racecourse which was also operational and run by the Shanghai Recreation Club.

By 1910 the Shanghai Recreation Club purchased the land on which Kiangwan Racecourse was built and continued to operate as a racecourse for a number of years, even being valued in excess of $1 million in 1932. However, skirmishes between Japan and China spilled over into the racecourse in 1932 and it resembled a battlefield. During the War years the racecourse was ransacked again by Japanese troops and Prisoners of War were brought to it to work. In 1944 the Japanese occupiers used the racecourse as an underground fuel store and it was clear that it was never going to be able to use it again as a racecourse.

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