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The greyhound track at Kings Heath, Birmingham, was situated on Alcester Road at the Alcester Lanes End, with crowds being brought to the popular meeting by tram. It struggled to compete with its more illustrious neighbours Hall Green and Perry Barr.  It was first converted to greyhound racing in 1926 and had opened its gates as one of the earliest tracks on 21st May 1927 and was not only NGRC registered but even offered BAGS meetings. In 1931 the racing was administered by the Associated Greyhound Racecourses Limited, with Admiral Sir Sydney R Freemantle as the main Director. The track had a circumference of 450 yards and operated a Metro-Vickers Electric Hare. Meetings in the early 1930s were held on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There was a Members Club which had an annual subscription of 10 shillings and 6 pence. By 1936 the lease of the track was taken over by H Leo Craven, but by 1949 the Greyhound Company had purchased the freehold for the ground.

The most prestigious races at the track were the Lincoln, the Midlands Oaks and the Tradesmen's Trophy. I am grateful to Tony Nash for providing detailed information on winners of each of the feature races.

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It finally closed its doors on 31st March 1971.

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Famous bookmakers of the city cut their teeth at Kings Heath, notably Don and Ray Berrow, Bob Thornton, Tom Sheldon and Norman Fogg.

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Track Records, as of 1962, are shown below together with an indication of how fast the time is in comparison to other tracks, both for currently open and defunct tracks, in the UK. Ratings are between 0 and 100, where 100 is an extremely fast time and reflects the speed of the track, tightness of the circuit and quality of greyhound visiting the tracks.
SPRINTS (up to 385m) STANDARD (386-549m) DISTANCE (550-699m) EXTENDED (700-999m)
Kings Heath Track Records at a snapshot in time:-
SPRINT 282 yards Maessyd Melampus 15.48 secs. Rating 45
STANDARD 480 yards Poetic License 26.36 secs Rating 45
DISTANCE 700 yards Coxcomb 39.97 secs Rating 29

I am grateful to Jon Seddon for the following link to a map showing the whereabouts of the old track

This section gives a comprehensive picture of the badges produced by the track throughout the ages, but only provides the briefest of glimpses of its history. For those wishing to undertake further research we can recommend a visit to where further reading can be undertaken.

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The Lincoln winners

1937     Hexham Bridge

1938    Demotic Mack

1939    Loyal Judy

1952   Sound Sprig

1953   Kettledrum

1954   Manganstown Major

1955   Manganstown Major

1956   Suir Villa Champion

1957   Wish Me Luck

1958   Five Up

1959   Wincot Clifford

1960   Welcome Home

1961   Welcome Home

1962   Poetic License

1963 Blackamoor

1964 Old Berry Silent

1965 Red Captain

1966 Kiddie Kut

1967 Stately Boy

The Midland Oaks winners

1956    Queen of the Hollow

1957   Witch of the Wood

1958   Northern Princess

1959   Almond Blossom

1960   Wheatfield Swan

1961   Rattling Chariot

1962   Carols Black

1963 Calamaun

1964 Peace Sprite

1965 Ballingaddy

1966 Laughing Flame

The Tradesmen's Trophy winners

1953    Killgariff Lily

1954   Pickpocket O'Leer

1955   Lanigan Charlie

1956   King of the Celts

1957   Jill's Knight

1958   Ennismore Enterprise

1959   Flying Swan

1960   Johnny's Fawn

1961   Dunsallagh Pleasure

1962   Nuptown Dobi

1963 Game Shuttle

1964 Silvae Smasher

1965 Clonmore Dew

1966 Seal Flipper