Ludlow Racecourse History
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Racing first took place in the Ludlow area in 1643 when matches were arranged between soldiers stationed at Ludlow Castle. The meetings were held at Bromfield, on the edge of Ludlow. However, the first evidence of racing in the Shropshire town of Ludlow was on Wednesday 27th August 1729, and meetings became widely reported after 1750. The Derby Mercury provided a detailed report of the meeting held on Tuesday 27th August 1751, with results shown below. However, even by 1796 horse races were merely a side show when cock fighting was the main attraction. Until the mid-19th century Flat racing was staged in Ludlow, but the first hurdle races took place in 1850, and almost twenty years later a steeplechase course was developed across the main hurdle course. Ludlow ceased offering Flat racing in 1868, only hosting National Hunt cards. The racecourse shares its facilities with the Golf Course, opening a new grandstand, built in the classic Edwardian style, in 1904. A milestone occurred in Ludlow’s history on Friday 24th October 1980 when Prince Charles rode Allibar to second place in the Amateur riders Handicap Chase. Currently the course hosts 18 fixtures annually.
Tuesday 27th August 1751
Ludlow 50 Guineas Purse

1. Star, bay horse owned by Mr Norris
2. Lady Legs, grey horse owned by Mr Greswood
3. Lancashire Witch, chestnut mare owned by Mr Cherington
4. Cartouch, chestnut horse owned by Lord Craven
5. Sultan, bay gelding owned by Mr Helyar
6. Hercules, chestnut gelding owned by Mr Brook

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Extremely rare badge issued by the Ludlow Club & Chester Race Course Company.

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Ludlow continues to thrive today, whereas nearby Shrewsbury closed its gates for the final time in 1887.

The first recorded meeting in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury was in 1718 when a Plate was contested at Kingsland. The previous year the Shrewsbury Mercers’ Company had set aside £5 for a 3 year period to purchase the Plate. Racing continued at Kingsland until 1724 when the course became enclosed, interrupting racing in the town. Racing returned in 1729 on a course in the Monkmoor area of the town, while a year later Baily’s Racing Register first provided detailed results from the races held in June when the important His Majesty’s 100 Guineas Plate was won by Tarran. Later the course was situated at Bicton Heath, about 2 miles west of the town centre, an oval with a circumference of a mile and 185 yards, and a straight run in of half a mile which had a slight incline before the final furlong. Shrewsbury races began to gain the reputation of being fixed, and the course was often infested with pickpockets, and it therefore came as no surprise when the final meeting took place on the Wednesday 19th October 1887. Ludlow 1941.JPG (13537 bytes)
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1912 Ladies 1934 Gents 1937 Gents 1939 Gents 1948 Gents

The rare 1947 Ladies badge is shown courtesy of Nick Redman and was used throughout the 1947 season. However, the two day March meeting was postponed because of heavy snowfall, while the meeting held on Wednesday 16th April was a lowly card. Furthermore, it took place on the same day that Epsom Derby favourite Tudor Minstrel was winning at Bath.
1.30 Bridlaw (100/6), Red Ribbon (4/1), Hydora (20/1)
2.00 Pongo (2/1jf), Nack (100/30), Mill Boy (2/1jf)
2.30 Ladies Beware (10/1), Navy Mixture (6/4f), Prince Merlin (10/1)
3.00 Captain Bullard (100/7), Barn Dance (5/2), Ladyvale (7/1)
3.30 Carrick Castle (100/8), Historical Revue (10/1), Grecian Victory (6/1)
4.00 Placide (5/4f), Pontifex (7/2), Port Oska (33/1)

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1949 Gents 1953 Gents 1958 Gents 1968 Gents 1970 Gents
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1952 Ladies 1954 Ladies 1959 Ladies 1961 Ladies 1962 Ladies
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1950 Gents 1951 Gents 1952 Ladies 1952 Ladies 1953 Ladies
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1953 Ladies 1954 Ladies 1955 Ladies 1956 Gents 1959 Gents
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1960 Gents 1961 Gents 1962 Gents 1963 Gents 1966 Gents
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1963 Ladies 1964 Ladies 1965 Ladies 1968 Ladies 1969 Ladies
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1966 Ladies 1972 Gents 1973 Gents 1974 Gents 1975 Gents
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1976 Gents 1977 Gents 1978 Gents 1979 Gents 1980 Gents
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1981 Gents 1982 Gents 1983 Gents 1984 Gents 1985 Gents
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1986 Gents 1987 Gents 1988 Gents 1989 Gents 1990 Gents
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1991 Gents 1992 Gents 1993 Gents 1994 Gents 1995 Gents
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1996 Gents 1997 Gents 1998 Gents 1999 Gents 2000 Gents
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2001 Gents 2002 Gents 2003 Gents 2004 Gents 2005 Gents
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2006 Gents 2007 Gents 2008 Member 2009 Member 2010 Member
2011 Member 2012 Member 2013 Member 2014 Member 2015 Member
2016 Member 2017 Member      
Visited the course on 23rd February 2011. It was a quaint, friendly, busy course and well worth a visit.
The rare handbills shown below are provided courtesy of the Robert Shaw collection.
The front cover/ principal races from this rare racecard are provided courtesy of the Robert Shaw collection.

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