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The records show that racing has existed in this area since 1777 and the venue was in Zamin Adyar. It was to be a further 60 years, in 1837 that a Madras Club was formed to look after the administrative matters of the racecourse.
MAD3.JPG (89099 bytes) It was to be a further 59 years before the Madras Race Club was formed in 1896 and 70 years after this time that it gained its independence. MAd4.JPG (63176 bytes)
Although the racecourse was closed during World War I hostilities, it was on 13th January 1922 that the Prince of Wales visited the course. This visit was later to be followed by a visit by Lord Derby from a famous English racing family.
Mad5.JPG (62660 bytes) One of the famous Classics of India, the Indian Turf Invitation Cup, was held at the course in 1965.

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