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ENTERED LEAGUE 1931  Founded in 1897 as Mansfield Wesleyans and became Mansfield Wesley in 1906, before Mansfield Town in 1910

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LEFT LEAGUE 2008 but regained their place in 2013
GROUNDS Field Mill

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NICKNAMES Stags as this is part of the local crest

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BEST WIN 9-2 v Rotherham United 27/12/1932
WORST DEFEAT 1-8 v Walsall 19/1/1933

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HIGHEST LEAGUE POSITION 21st in Division 2 in 1977-78

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LOWEST LEAGUE POSITION 23rd in Division 2 in 2007-8
MOST LEAGUE PTS (2 pts) 68 in Division 4 in 1974-5
MOST LEAGUE PTS (3 pts) 81 in Division 4 in 1985-6

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MOST LEAGUE GOALS 108 in Division 4 in 1962-3

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BEST F.A.CUP SEASON 1/4 final v Leicester City in 1968-9; Lost 1-0
MOST INDIVIDUAL APPEARANCES 522 Rod Arnold 1970-71 and 1972 - 1984

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MOST INDIVIDUAL GOALS 114 Harry Johnson 1931-36

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Division 2 in 2015-16 season

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I am grateful to Graham Walker for the scans shown below, part of his extensive collection.
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