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Milnerton Racecourse was situated in the Western Cape on the Milnerton Estates founded in 1897. Interest grew significantly when a rail link with Cape Town was established in 1903, and the idea to build a racecourse was first muted in 1904.
Milnerton 1958.JPG (11268 bytes) The South African Turf Club leased an 80 acre site in September 1905, taking the lease for an initial 9 years , with the first meeting being held on 28th May 1908.


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In 1968 the Milnerton Turf Club incorporated with the Durbanville Turf Club to form the Cape Turf Club.
Milnerton 1931.JPG (9004 bytes) Today the track still remains but the remainder of the racecourse has been developed with reminders of distant times with The Paddocks Shopping Centre, the Milnerton Ridge, Royal Ascot and the Racecourse Road.  
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