Musselburgh Racecourse History

Primary records indicate that some form of racing was staged in Edinburgh as early as 1504 during the reign of James IV of Scotland, most notably on Leith sands, as evidenced by a record stating 'a boy (jockey) that ran the King's horse' at Leith. A century and a half later racing was taking place at Leith every Saturday in 1661, while almost three centuries after that first meeting the Royal Caledonian Hunt Club, who had organised meetings at Hamilton and Kelso, sponsored a meeting at Edinburgh. Just two years afterwards an extended five-day meeting in July attracted a crowd in excess of 100,000. The final meeting on Leith sands was held in 1815, and a year later the first six-day meeting took place on the current racecourse on Monday 7th October 1816. The card opened with His Majesty's 100 Guineas Plate, which was won by the Marquis of Queensberry's Epperstone. A second His Majesty's Plate was held on Thursday when King David prevailed for Lord Queensberry. Racing ceased during each of the two World Wars, with Alec McHarg taking charge after the War in 1946, but in 1963 the threat of closure loomed when the Levy Board considered axing it as part of its programme of reforms. Fortunately, the Earl of Rosebery fronted a campaign group and the course was saved. The course introduced jump racing on Thursday 5th January 1967, but by 1974, after the Earl of Rosebery had died, the course was denied Levy Board backing again and it was left to the Lothians Racing Syndicate to provide the necessary financial support to refurbish the grandstand and save the course. Currently the course hosts 27 fixtures annually.

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The Leeds Intelligencer reported on the two day meeting from Monday 21st to Tuesday 22nd July 1777.
Monday 21st July 1777
Edinburgh 50 Sovereigns Purse

1. Bambouzle owned by Sir Thomas Wallace Dunlop 1 1
2. Who-would-have-thought-it owned by Mr Miller 4 2
3. Woodcock owned by Mr Blackie 2 dist.
4. Squirrel owned by Mr Hudson 3 dist
5. Little Skirmish owned by Mr Turner dist.
6. Miss Slipley owned by Mr Hunter Fell

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Tuesday 22nd July 1777
His Majesty’s 100 Guineas Purse

1. Hercules owned by the Duke of Hamilton
2. Hazard owned by Mr Shaftoe
3. Airderburrow owned by Mr Kerr

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Although Musselburgh remains a thriving racecourse, nearby Selkirk closed its gates for the final time in 1881.
The Scottish Borders town of Selkirk first held racing as early as 1715 when a silver plate, valued at £10, was contested and became an annual event. However, it is thought that racing took place well before that date, probably as early as 1656. A silver Town Plate was contested on the last Tuesday of April each year, with the Burgh Plate run on the following day. By 1824 a new course at the Gala Rig had been established, when its inaugural two day meeting took place on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June 1824. Racing continued on a regular basis for a further 57 years, the principal race at this time was the Tradesman's Stakes over 1 ½ miles which was won in 1870 by Yarrow, owned by G. Dryden. The final meeting took place on Friday 17th June 1881.
I am grateful to Ordnance Survey (© Crown Copyright) for permission to use the map shown below.
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1960 Ladies 1964 Ladies 1965 Gents 1967 Ladies 1968 Ladies

The rare racecard shown below is from the May 1845 meeting held in Edinburgh.

Thursday 22nd May 1845
Mid-Lothian Handicap Sweepstake over 2 miles

1. Pythia, chestnut filly owned by Mr W H Johnstone
2. Pilot, bay colt owned by Mr Robertson
3. Lara, chestnut gelding owned by Captain Boyd

Edinburgh 2 mile Match
1. Waverley, bay gelding owned by Mr Wauchope
2. Unnamed bay mare owned by Sir F W Dunbar

City of Edinburgh Subscription Plate over 1 ½ miles
1. Amata, chestnut filly owned by Mr Wauchope
2. Dog Billy, chestnut colt owned by Captain Boyd
3. Brevity, black mare owned by Mr Merry

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1976 Gents 1979 Member 1980 Member 1981 Member 1985 Member

The principal races at the track are the Listed Maggie Dickson Stakes over 7 furlongs and the Class 2 Royal Mile Handicap, both were first run in 2017. Results are given below.

1990 Member 1991 Member 1992 Pair 1993 Member 1994 Member

2017 Maggie Dickson Stakes over 7 furlongs was won by Unforgettable Filly (9/5) owned by Dr Ali Ridha, trained by Hugo Palmer and ridden by Josephine Gordon 8 ran
2017 Royal Mile Handicap was won by Cullingworth (16/1) owned by Tiffin Sandwiches Ltd, trained by Richard Fahey and ridden by Sammy Jo Bell 12 ran

1995 Member 1996 Gents 1997 Gents 1998 Gents 1999 Gents

2018 Maggie Dickson Stakes over 7 furlongs was won by Pepita (20/1) owned by Rockcliffe Stud, trained by Richard Hannon junior and ridden by Phillip Makin 10 ran
2018 Royal Mile Handicap was won by Book of Dreams (6/1) owned by Craig Buckingham, trained by Mark Johnston and ridden by P J McDonald 11 ran

1999 Member 2000 Member 2001 Member 2002 Member 2003 Member

2019 Maggie Dickson Stakes over 7 furlongs was won by Indian Blessing (6/1) owned by Mr P Siu trained by Ed Walker and ridden by Gerald Mosse 8 ran
2019 Royal Mile Handicap was won by Coolagh Forest (13/2) owned by Khalid Rahim, trained by Richard Fahey and ridden by Paul Hanagan 7 ran

2004 Member 2005 Member 2006 Member 2007 Member 2008 Member
2009 Member 2009 Bookmaker 2010 Member 2010 Bookmaker 2011 Member
2012 Member 2013 Member 2014 Member 2015 Member 2016 Member
2017 Member 2018 Member 2019 Standard Member 2019 Premier Member 2022 Member

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