Royal Ascot: Queen Anne Stakes

The Queen Anne Stakes, originally open to horses aged three and older, was established in 1840, and during the early part of its history it was called the Trial Stakes. In 1930, it was renamed in honour of Queen Anne, the founder of Ascot Racecourse. The Queen Anne Stakes was classed as a Group 3 race in 1971, and it was promoted to Group 2 level in 1984. It was given Group 1 status in 2003, and at this point the minimum age of participating horses was raised to four. It is now the first race on the opening day of the Royal Ascot meeting.
Early history:- Queen Victoria was in attendance on Tuesday 16th June 1840 when the opening race, the Trial Stakes, was won by the Duke of Rutland's 4-year-old Flambeau (4/7 fav) ridden by Jem Robinson, beating Barabbas, Camelino and 3 others. Prestonjee Boinanjee (4/1) made the early running until half a mile from home, at which point Flambeau took over and went on to win unextended by an easy 2 lengths, making it back to back wins in 1841.

Trial Plate 1870 Group 1 New Mile
Pos. Horse Jockey Age/weight Owner
1 GREEN RIBAND Grimshaw Read 3-8st 7lbs Mr Ray 25/1
2 ROSICRUCIAN John Wells 5-10st 9lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 2/1 fav
3 SIMPION Hibberd 3-8st 7lb Mr Buckenham 100/15
4 PROSPER Anthony 2-6st 2lbs Mr E Weever 50/1
5 NORTH LINCOLN colt Lynham 2-6st 2lb Mr W Nelson 50/1
6 CAP-A-PIE brother F Crickmere 2-6st 2lbs Colonel Pearson 50/1
7 BRAMBRIDGE Jem Goater 4-9st 9lbs Mr J C Stuart 50/1
8 RIFLEMAN Rowell 2-6st 2lbs Mr James Merry 100/8
9 VAN AMBURGH George Fordham 6-9st 9lbs Mr G Hodgman 50/1
10 ADRASTUS Morris 3-8st 2lbs Count Batthyany 50/1
11 LORD OF THE ISLES filly Loates 2-5st 8lbs Mr Buckenham 50/1
12 VEDETTE colt Wetherell 2-5st 11lbs Mr C Rayner 50/1
13 JACK IN THE BOX Jewitt Joe Cannon 2-6st 2lbs Captain Machell 4/1
14 POLLY PERKINS sister Maidment 3-7st 13lbs Mr H Savile 50/1
15 BRENNUS Snowden Coates 4-9st 9lbs Lord Zetland 100/6
16 ABERDEEN Fred Archer 2-5st 8lbs Mr Mathew Dawson 20/1
17 THE DETECTIVE Butler Henry Woolcott 3-8st 2lbs Mr I Woolcott 20/1
The Trail Plate, forerunner of the Queen Anne Stakes, over the New Mile, took place on Tuesday 14th June 1870 and the winner, a bay colt by Knight of St Patrick out of a Teddington mare, won a first prize of 305 sovereigns from 21 subscribers (equivalent to £37,000 in 2020). Over round 114%
Queen Anne Stakes Group 1 1 mile 1840
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