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There is strong evidence to suggest that racing first took place in this region as early as 1794. The first site for races was at Akra Farm, although facilities and track layout were severely limited.

Although there was a period when no racing took place due to a ban on wagering, by 1803 the Bengal Jockey Club was formed. It was some six years after this, in 1809, that the venue shifted to Maidan and facilities started to improve throughout the next 11 years, with a grandstand being built in 1820.

RC3.JPG (51176 bytes) In England at this time, in order to boost finances, subscribers tokens could be purcashed which gave the subscriber access to the course, normally for life. Such a scheme was run at the Calcutta course when subscribers could purchase a Silver Medallion which gave him and his family access to the stands.

By 1847 all was in place for the formation of Calcutta Turf Club under the directorship of J.P.McKillingaan. A year later the club had a visiting dignitary in the form of the Prince of Wales. The club could rightly call itself the Royal Calcutta Turf Club because the Prince eventually became King Edward VII.

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RC5.JPG (65593 bytes) Gradually the English course Chairmen and Directors were replaced with Indian people, notably in 1908 when Sir Bejoy Mehtab of Burdwan was elected as a member of the Club.

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