Victoria Park racecourse is situated close to the City of Adelaide and boasts the longest finishing straight in Australian horseracing. It is home to the South Australian Jockey Club, but also has a motor racing circuit. However, in 2008 plans to revamp the racecourse were turned down and by August 2008 the Council decided to turn the course into a park for the people.

In 1979 a fire destroyed the member's stand at Morphettville, causing major races to be transferred to Cheltenham and Victoria Park. However, once Morphettville was re-furbished using the latest technology, it became the principal racecourse in South Australia and the writing was on the wall for both Victoria Park, which closed in 2007, and Cheltenham Park, which closed after the meeting on Saturday 21st February 2009.

The photos above, although in the public domain, are shown courtesy of the State Library of South Australia.
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