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The Ballarat Turf Club was formed in 1853 when racing was held near Rosehill, but it moved to its present location a few years later to a course at Dowling Forest.
Ballarat_TC_1980.JPG (12229 bytes) The principal race is the Ballarat Cup which was held for the first time in 1864. The 1866 and 67 Cups were won by Exile but he unfortunately died just after the winning post. The owner of the second lodged a protest hoping his Nimblefoot would be declared the winner, but his protest was rejected.  
In 1875 the Victorian Amateur Turf Club held its first meeting at Ballarat.
  There was a merger of clubs in 1862 when the Ballarat Miners Race Club joined and strengthened the administrative side. Further financial strength came in 1969 when the Ballan Jockey Club started to hold their 4 meetings at the course.  
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