The Borrowdale Racecourse is situated in Harare in Zimbabwe. The Mashonaland Turf Club was formed on 4th January 1892 and had, as its first President Dr Jamieson. It held its first meeting on Boxing Day 1892. Within 2 years a racecourse was developed on land donated by Cecil Rhodes, and the Mashonaland Turf Club benefitted on 17th February 1894. The site continued to be used for almost 70 years but the prime land on which it was built was needed for further development of the City of Harare.
With grateful thanks to Stephen McCurrie for the rare scan of the racecard and badge, and to Vince Hinde for the Mashonaland badge scans.
The location of the new racecourse was on a site previously occupied by Belvedere Racecourse, and the Borrowdale Racecourse held its inaugural meeting on 5th July 1958. Facilities continued to be improved and by 1962 a new grandstand was opened and 6 years later extended. The course hosted the Republican Cup in July 2008 when Century Star won the 1900 metre race when ridden by Nkululeko Sibanda.
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