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The country racecourse at Broken Hill can be found in New South Wales some 740 miles West of Sydney and just 4 miles North of the City of Broken Hill. A famous incident took place at the track at the 2 day 1908 meeting when the bookmakers decided to go on strike rather than pay an increased licence fee. The management reacted by forming a 'tote' and by bringing in amateur bookmakers. Fortunately results went against punters and the amatuer bookies made a killing. The usual 'striking' bookmakers requested attendance at the second day of the meet but their request was turned down.
Broken Hill 1963.JPG (19986 bytes) Each Easter the St Patricks Race Club organise their annual race meeting at the track. The Club was formed in 1965 by John Toms, a local trainer. Their inaugural meeting was held on Saturday 19th March 1966.
The Principal race at the track is the Silver City Cup run each October since 1997. The Silver City Race Club was formed in 1931 and a badge from the club is shown below.

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Broken Hill 1991.JPG (8720 bytes) In February 2009 the racecourse suffered a setback when thieves stole $20,000 worth of equipment from the Grandstand, putting in jeopardy the next meeting.


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