Located on the Glenelg Highway, the Casterton Racecourse is about 220 miles West of Melbourne in Victoria.
  The town can boast a race meeting dating back as far as 1857 when the Casterton Racing Club was formed. Crowds were large in those early days with a crowd in excess of 1500 recorded attending a meeting in the early 1870's.  The course was famous for having live privet hedges to mark out the boundaries of the steeplechase track. It was made equally famous when the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon wrote about it.


The principal race is the Casterton Cup which was first contested in 1882, and the course had its first grandstand completed by 1883. In 2008 the Cup was won by Llaynbe.
  The racecourse courted controversy in 1972 when the Muntham Handicap was won by Royal School. However, the stewards discovered that the horse was really Regal Vista and the race was awarded to the runner up. Other feature races are the Heywood Cup run each June; the Super Jumps Day in August, and the Weekly Times Rural Race Day in July.


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