Records show that a meeting of Whareama Races was first held on Boxing Day 1872 on land owned by John Morrison, and by March 1873 the Castlepoint Racing Club had organised its first meeting.
  The early meeting was a remarkable triumph for Old Tom, owned by a Mr Sullivan. It won the hurdle race, the flat race and the heat and final of the stayers race. Horses were tough in those days with the Black Turk finishing second in 3 of the races against Old Tom, yet still managed to contest the Ladies Race. Unfortunately it did not win.


From 1878 until 1890 the races transferred to Tinui, with Tinui Jockey Club taking over the organisation in 1884. It was in 1891 that the Castlepoint Jockey Club was formed in the Wairarapa area and racing returned to the beach.
  The principal race was the Castlepoint Cup and the meeting went from strength to strength celebrating their 125th anniversary in March 1998. More recently the event took place on 18th March 2006.  
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