The current racecourse on the Island of Guernsey is at L'Ancresse Common in the North of the island. The episode of racing started in 2005 with racing having ceased in 1992 when two meetings per year were held annually. Prior to that period there have been other periods of racing intermitently on the island.
Prior to starting their current venture the Channel Islands Racing and Hunt Club sponsored a meeting in July 2004 at Les Landes on Jersey, and it was such a success that discussions began about reintroducing racing on Guernsey.


Since  2005, when nearly 5000 people attended the inaugural meeting, racing has taken place on the majority of Bank Holidays and the course is ideally placed to call on horses not only from Guernsey, but also Jersey, the UK and France. It is now more likely that racing can continue to flourish on the island.
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