Memphis 1888.JPG (21636 bytes) MONTGOMERY PARK RACECOURSE  
The Memphis Jockey Club was formed in 1836 and initially held its meetings at Mississippi Boulevard. By the early 1850's it had moved to Montgomery Park and its principal race of the year was the Tennessee Derby. In 1886 the Memphis Jockey Club meeting extended over a 5 day period from 26th October until 30th October at the Mid-South Fairgrounds.
  The principal races were the Gastons Stakes, restricted to 2 year olds, for a prize of $500, and the Peabody Stakes which was for 3 year olds, also with $500 in added prize money.


A supporting race was the Open Gayoso Stakes, while there was also variety offered in the Handicap Steeplechase.
  The track was forced to close to throughbred racing in 1905 when betting in the state was made illegal, but harness racing continued. However, the Jockey Club Clubhouse was not demolished until 1950.  
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