The Narragansett racecourse was situated in Rhode Island, the smallest USA State, and was first opened for racing in 1934. To boost finances, and increase flexibility, the horse racing track was modified to allow for motor car racing, with the first meeting held at the Park in September 1896.
It was the first course in the States to offer a $1000 minimum per race, which in those early days was quite a breakthrough.

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The course entertained some of the top racehorses in history, not least Seabiscuit who gained his first ever win at the course in 1935. However, on 11th September 1937 the great horse was asked to shoulder 9st 6 lbs in the Narragansett Special. It came as no surprise that Seabiscuit could only manage third place beaten 4 lengths by Calumet Dick, who carried 17 lbs less than the champion.
Its principal races, apart from the Special, were the Rhode Island Handicap and the Governors Handicap.

The track finally closed its doors for the last time in 1978.

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