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In the state of Victoria, the Pakenham Racing Club was formed in 1875 in an area that was a coaching stop for Cobb & Co coaches on their way to Gippsland, with the races organised to take advantage of this traffic.
Pakenham 1992a.JPG (19814 bytes) There was some downtime in the clubs history when little racing took place between 1910 and 1925. However, a meeting was held on 16th December 1926 saw Pakenham back on the racing map and there it has remained ever since.


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One of the principal races is the Peet Pakenham Cup run over 1750 metres in February or March. The latest renewal saw Sak Sesa victorious when ridden by Reece Wheeler.
  Pakenham was the first course to investigae the use of the Steward Patrol Films in 1967. In that same year the course was used on 15th June to braodcast live TV in colour.


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