The Penhurst Racecourse can be found at Penhurst in Victoria about 18 miles East of the town of Hamilton on the Hamilton Highway.
  It is known that racing took place in the town before 1880 and the racing shares usage of the ground with the local Penhurst and District Golf Club. Originally the course held two meetings annually; one organised on Boxing Day by the Penhurst Boxing Day Racing Club, and one held on Easter Monday administered by the Penhurst Racing Club.


By the early 1900's the two racing clubs discussed merging but this did not take place until 1967 when a third club, that of Hawkesdale, also joined. By 1970 the Macauthur Racing Club had also joined to form the currently named Penhurst & District Racing Club.
  A prominent feature of the racecourse is the grand white wooden grandstand built in 1900 and moved to its current location in 1908.


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