Selangor Turf Club is situated in the Kang Valley in Selangor about 10 miles from Kuala Lumpur. The Club was formed in the mid 1880's but its first race meeting was held in March 1896. Its principal race is the Selangor Gold Cup which was renamed the Tunku Gold Cup and later became part of the Selangor Triple Crown.

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I am grateful to David Copland for the photo of the Trophy shown below, won by Fairy Tale at the 1912 Easter Skye meeting held at Kuala Lumpur in April.

The Selangor Easter Skye meeting was held in early April 1912 when the biggest surprise at the meeting was the victory of Little Elsie, which paid §99 on the tote, although more predictable was the victory of Fairy Tale in the Selangor Easter Skye trophy. Later in the year the Selangor Summer meeting took place at Kuala Lumpur on 25th, 27th and 29th June 1912 extending to a 24 race programme with §8400 in prize money, although the attendance was moderate. Throughout the event the Sultan of Johore's band played in between races. On the first day, 25th June 1912, the Bankers Cup was won by Kes Tor, owned by Mr G W Templer, the Stewards Stakes went to Corzil owned by Mr Solveig, and the Griffin Trophy Race was won by Fairy Tale. Other races included the Presidents Cup, won by the Sultans Storey; the Stewards Plate which went to Chanticleer, owned by Mr Lee Toon Tock; the Ampang Cup was won by Mr M H Thunders Never-Was-A; the Pudok Stakes was won by The Friar, owned by Mr W Sims, while the Klang Cup went to The Magnet, owned by Mr Bell and Mr Quartley. On the second day, 27th June 1912, the Pavilion Stakes went to Riversdale owned by Hon E C Ellis and Mr A D Allan; the Vice-Presidents Cup went to D T Kongsis Manapun, the Merchants and Miners Cup was won by the Sultans Silverhampton, the Weld Hill Plate went to The Nigger owned by Mr H E Davidson, the Paddock Plate to The Colonel owned by Mr W Sims. Selected results from the third day, 29th June 1912 included The Civil Service Cup which went to Lossie, owned by Mr W Duncan and Mr G Stothard, and the Selangor Stakes which was won by Brown Comer, owned by Mr F G Harvey and Mr E A O Travers.

In 1992 the Club moved to its new racecourse Sungei Besi, leaving behind its old home of Jalan Ampang. In 2003 the Club launched its own Triple Crown of races, the series consisting of the Tunku Gold Cup, the Selangor Gold Cup and the Piala Emas Sultan Selangor.

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