The South Gippsland Racecourse is located at Stony Creek off the Highway of the same name in the state of Victoria.
  It is known that racing has taken place at Stony Creek since 1894, although the racecourse itself was not given official approval until 1910.


There was a lull in racing in the area just after the end of the First World War in 1920 which continued until 1947. It was in that year that locals expressed an interest in starting racing again in the area. A meeting was held in May 1947 when the Stony Creek and District Racing Club was established. Their first race meeting took place in April 1950.
  By 1951 Leongathan Race Club and Foster Race Club made use of the racecourse, but it was a further 13 years later that the 3 merged to form the South Gippsland Racing Club in 1964.


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