The Tinwald Racing Club held its early meetings, prrior to 1899, at the Tinwald Domai.  In 1899 there were significant disagreements at Tinwald which led to the Tinwald Racing Club joining with Ashburton Racing Club (see Ashburton) to form the new Ashburton County Race Club, to race at Ashburton.
  The first meeting of the newly formed Club took place on 3rd June 1899.


From 1907 through to 1966 the Ashburton County Racing Club, of which Tinwald was an integral part, had just two Presidents, J C Grigg and his son J H Grigg.
  John Grigg (the elder) came from Longbeach and had the initiative to drain the swamp around Ashburton and Tinwald to produce fertile land on a model farm. He also was the founder member of the Canterbury Frozen Meat Company.

I am grateful to Fiona Tonks for providing the information shown here.

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