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Records show that racing first took place at Little Plains in North Wangaratta in 1845. Indeed before that date the twon was famous becuase the Expeditioners Hume and Hovell (see Albury Racecourse) crossed the Ovens River near Wangaratta in 1824.
Wangaratta_1978.JPG (13508 bytes) By 1857 an area of ground on the banks of the Three Mile Creek had been set aside to develop a racecourse which is where the current racecourse can be located.

In 1859 the Wangaratta Jockey Club was founded and huge developments, including the building of a grandstand, led to a rapid growth in interest.


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As well as the Wangaratta Jockey Club hosting meetings at the track the Wangaratta St Patrick's Racing Club has held a meeting once a year since 1923.
  The principal race is the Wangaratta Cup although it was run under a different guise from 1940. By 1908 it got its present name and was contested on 25th April 1908. In 1935 and again in 1936 Sarakos gained back to back wins, but the feat was equalled by Here's Cheers in 1971 and 1972.  
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